Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Wanderers this morning came by
Where did they go
Graceful in the morning light
To banner fair
To follow you softly
In the cold mountain air

Through the forest
Down to your grave
Where the birds wait
And the tall grasses wave
They do not
know you anymore

Dear shadow alive and well
How can the body die
You tell me everything
Anything true

In the town one morning I went
Staggering through premonitions of my death
I don't see anybody that dear to me

(Fleet Foxes Cover)


Jenni Shortt ha detto…
non piace a nessuno questo pezzo?
Francesca ha detto…
A meeee!! Le ragazze sono bravissimeee! downloading right now!
Cindry ha detto…
A me picciono moltissimo i Feet Foxes, Tempo fa sul mio blog abbinai una mia foto ad una loro canzone... White Winter Hymnal... credo che sia la mia preferita.